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Las válvulas de mariposa son válvulas de un cuarto de vuelta con características de flujo de tipo porcentual iguales. Proporcionan un control de flujo moderado y, por lo tanto, se pueden utilizar tanto para el servicio de activación / desactivación como para el de modulación. Buena tolerancia a los sólidos en suspensión, pero no se recomienda su uso con lodos o residuos. La válvula de mariposa es adecuada para una amplia variedad de aplicaciones de flujo de fluidos.

Butterfly Valve Options

Stem extensions are valve handle extensions, designed for use on valves located areas where standard configuration valve handles are inaccessible. They provide a direct connection between the actual valve stem and the relocated valve handle. Single piece stem extensions attach direct to the valve stem and the moving stem is exposed. Two-piece stem extensions consist of not only the single piece stem extension, but are also provided with an outer housing. The outer housing acts an outer sleeve which fits over the inner stem extension protecting the moving inner stem extension in buried applications. Support brackets and plates are typically used with both types of extensions. They provide a strong anchoring point for heavy gear-operators on butterfly valves, or prevent lateral movement on single piece lever handle extensions.

Ideal Applications Include:
Buried valves, out of reach valves
For use with 1-1/2" – 24" butterfly valves

  • * Custom built specifically to fit Asahi valves
  • * Carbon steel, 304SS or 316SS single piece stem extensions or inner stem on 2-piece stem extensions
  • * Carbon steel or PVC outer Housings
  • * Nitrile Gaskets
  • * Carbon Steel, 304SS or 316SS Wall/floor Plates
  • * Carbon Steel, 304SS or 316SS Wall Supports

A 2" square operating nut is designed to be installed directly to valve stem or valve stem extension. Permits opening and closing of valves in out of reach locations using an industry standard extended T-bar wrench or key. Typically used in below grade installations, the 2" square operating nut is an industry standard accessory that can be installed on most quarter turn and multi-turn valves.

Ideal Applications Include:
Below grade valve installations, municipalities, water parks, water features

  • * 6061 Aluminum with anodized finish

A chain operator is designed to be used for operating a valve in an overhead location. The chain operator attaches to a valve handwheel and a looped chain is fed thru one side of the operator and out the other. By pulling on the chain, the valve handle is turned to either open or close the valve.

Ideal Applications Include:
Overhead locations

Plasgear™ operators are designed for use with ¼ turn butterfly valves having an ISO 5211 F07, F10 or F14 valve mounting flange. They feature an engineered resin enclosure with SS trim. A PPG handwheel is used to rotate the gear-operator 9.5 turns from full open to full closed positions. The position indicator is molded in safety yellow for easy viewing. 2-end of travel adjustment stops fine tune open and closed positions. Weather resistance to IP67 and submersible to 3 psi.
Plasgear, the industry’s first thermoplastic gear operator is constructed of composite plastic with black urethane coating, the Plasgear will not corrode or rust as a result of exposure to harsh chemicals. Available in sizes from 1-1/2" – 14", the new plastic gear box is ideally suited for use in a broad range of applications such as severe chemicals and sea water.
The Plasgear is submersible. It features a visible PP position indicator, NAMUR mounting dimension that allows for mounting of accessories, plastic PPG reinforced hand wheel, integral grip design that allows for easy operation and adjustable travel stop for both open and close position.
Asahi/America offers numerous options for the Plasgear operator including, 4-Nuts insert for top accessories, chain operators, locking device, 2 inch square nut operator, and a special square coupling.
Plasgear is standard on all Asahi/America 1-1/2" – 14" Type 57 Butterfly Valves or can be supplied without the valve. The gear incorporates the latest industry standards including NAMUR top works for accessories and the globally recognized ISO 5211 standards (F07 &, F10, and F14) for interchangeability to most industrial valves. Plasgear can be factory mounted or mounted in the field on existing installation.
Ideal Applications Include:
Butterfly valves in corrosive environments


* Composite plastic gear box housing provides superior corrosion resistance

* Standard on all Type-57 and Type-57L Butterfly Valves, or supplied individually

* Available for valve sizes:

          1 1/2" – 14" Type-57 Butterfly Valves

          3" – 12" Type-57L Butterfly Valves

          16" Type-56 Butterfly Valves

* Mountable on most standard plastic or steel butterfly valves of the appropriate size

* Visible PP position indicator

* NAMUR mounting dimension that allows for mounting of accessories

* Plastic PPG reinforced hand wheel

* Integral grip design that allows for easy operation

* Adjustable travel stop for both open and close positions


Output Torque:

2700 in-lbs.

Gear Ratio:



5 lbs.

Valve Mounting Flange:

ISO 5211 F07/F10

Weather Resistance:


Type 243

Output Torque:

8000 in-lbs.

Gear Ratio:



18 lbs.

Valve Mounting Flange:

ISO 5211 F14

Weather Resistance:


Compact type 4x limit switch for remote position indication of manual valves includes 2-spdt mechanical switches, terminal strip, visual beacon, enclosure, factory mount and testing.

Ideal Applications Include: 

Chemical Processing, Water & Wastewater, Landfills, Irrigation, Food Processing, Mining

  • * Low cost valve position indication solution
  • * Thermally bonded & baked powder coating finish enclosure
  • * 2-SPDT mechanical switches rated at 16 amps
  • * Indication of open/closed status with highly visible globe
  • * Easily adjustable cams for simple field calibration. No tools required.
  • * Two 1/2" NPT conduit entries


-20C to 80C


1.2 lbs

Shaft, Fasteners, Bracket:


Indicator Cover:


Limit Switches:

16A mechanical switches


AC: 20 - 250V
DC: 10 - 300V



A limit switch box is mounted on and coupled to the actuator in order to operate position-indicating lights on control panels, to control other equipment such as pumps, compressors and mixers, to sequence other valves, or for feedback and PLC position confirmation. Two single-pole, double throw (SPDT) switches are mounted in one enclosure and are activated by individual, adjustable cams.

The cams are connected to the cam shaft, which is direct coupled to the actuator shaft. Switches can be set to be activated in fully open or closed positions, or in any position in the quadrant of the actuator’s operation.

The limit switch box is available in Type 4X and Type 7 enclosures, and switches can be supplied in mechanical or proximity models.

The electrical rating of the standard mechanical switches is 15 amps at 250 VAC, which qualifies them for the following voltages: 12 and 24 VDC, 12, 24 and 115 VAC.

  • * Type 4X Engineered resin enclosure
  • * UL 94H-B Flammability rating
  • * NAMUR shaft
  • * CSA approved
  • * Beacon position Indication
  • * Touch set cams
  • * Stainless Steel Trim
  • * Two (2) 1/2" FNPT conduit entries
  • * Two (2) single pole, double throw (2-SPDT) limit switches; 15 amp rated

Ideal Applications Include:
Chemical Processing, Water & Wastewater, Landfills, Irrigation, Food Processing, Mining


The Speed Handle™ is an accessory adder to the Plasgear™ gear-operator for butterfly valves. The revolving grip permits faster , single handed revolutions of the hand wheel for quicker valve actuation.
For use on Plasgears™ on Type-57/57IL/57LIS/56 & PoolPro® butterfly valves

Ideal Applications Include: Aquariums, Landfills, Chemical processing, Mining

  • * Designed to fit Plasgear™ operated butterfly valves
  • * Butterfly valves sizes 1-1/2" – 16"
  • * Sold in «Kit» form consisting of Plasgear™ hand wheel and grip
  • * Available in both Red and Blue for Type-241 and Type-243 Plasgear™
  • * PPG hand wheel , Nylon 6 (Black) Grip, SS400 chromate treated M10 bolt and SS M10 hex nut
  • * Available as a field installable kit or as an accessory adder to current valve order.
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