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Asahi/America has expanded its line of engineered fluid flow products to include Polytetra electric heaters. Completely encapsulated with corrosion resistant PFA and PTFE, Polytetra electric heaters are able to withstand the most aggressive chemicals over an extended period of time. Polytetra electric heaters offer a long-term cost savings resulting from superior product design, construction materials, and a stainless steel electrical conductor seamlessly sheathed in PFA.

Polytetra’s electric heaters’ superior life expectancy is further increased by covering the entire length of the electrical cord with PFA. The connections from the stainless steel conductor to the electrical cord are housed within a machined PTFE block. The connection between the PFA covered conductor and electrical cord are welded water-tight to the PTFE block providing unparalleled corrosion resistance. Polytetra electric heaters can, therefore, be completely submerged in a chemical bath. The unit will not be adversely effected by harsh chemicals or elevated temperatures.

Polytetra electric heaters are available in standard models from 120-600V and 350-4000 watts of continuous power. Standard lengths from 3-15 feet can be factory bent in any shape desired.


Ideal Applications Include: 

Please consult us for the best recommendation.



Up to 6 kw single line


Coil, Panel, Custom Bend


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