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Double containment should be specified for more applications than regulated by the EPA. Hazardous chemicals should be protected from escape in areas where there are chemicals transported above work stations, or any other potential safety hazards due to exposure to the media.

Asahi/America’s newly reengineered Poly-Flo® PP-R and Advanced PE co-extruded double containment piping system offers unique construction saving time and labor on each project. Low cost and easy installation makes Poly-Flo® the ideal system for drainage systems, pressurized transfer lines and industrial applications needing up to 4" carrier pipe.

Available in 1×1-1/2, 2×3 and 4×6 size ranges, Poly-Flo® is design for installations with tights pace constraints, water treatment facilities using multiple chemicals, outside applications, due to UV resistance and systems where thermal expansion & contraction are present . In addition to pipe, the system includes full pressure fittings, drainage fittings, machined fittings and specialty dogbones for all standard size ranges.

Poly-Flo® is available in black PE and euro grey PP-R and operates at 150psi at 68 F. The newly designed system features similar ID, OD and Annular space to the old system while providing cost savings vs fabricated system, uniform construction and higher safety features. The co-extrusion allows Poly-Flo to act like a single wall piping system by offer fewer concerns during expansion and connection and eliminates separation during directional drilling. The SDR design allows for full pressure rating while requiring no special welding clamps during joining. Polyflo can be easily joined using standard welding equipment and does not require special inserts.



  • Cost savings vs. fabricated systems
  • More uniform construction
  • Higher safety


  • Acts like single wall pipe
  • Fewer concerns during expansion & contraction
  • Eliminate separation during directional drilling

SDR Design

  • Full pressure rating
  • No special welding clamps
  • Similar logistics to single wall products
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