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Las válvulas de diafragma ofrecen muchas combinaciones de materiales de diafragma de cuerpo y elastómeros, se pueden operar manualmente, eléctricamente o neumáticamente, son resistentes a la abrasión y no se obstruyen. Las suspensiones a baja presión que normalmente obstruyen la mayoría de los otros diseños de válvulas, pasan fácilmente a través de una válvula de diafragma. Ademas su diseño de entrada superior, permite el mantenimiento en línea, siendo adecuada para el servicio de estrangulamiento y ON / OFF en aplicaciones que van desde el tratamiento de agua hasta procesos de abrasión química

Specifically designed for processing chlorines and chlorates in chlor-alkali and caustic soda production plants. The new valve features an injection-molded, solid PVDF flanged body with a strong and durable PPG bonnet. This field proven and industry preferred valve also boasts features that help eliminate the corrosion of stainless steel fasteners common in such applications. The Ti Type-14/15 Diaphragm Valve is designed with a unique three-layer construction: an EPDM backing cushion; a PVDF gas barrier; and a layer of PTFE – the only wetted part. Superior corrosion protection is achieved by offering a palladium-titanium diaphragm insert that connects the diaphragm to the valve compressor via a palladium-titanium stem connection joint. Light weight and corrosion resistant titanium bolts, nuts, washers, studs and body inserts sandwich the diaphragm between the body and bonnet creating a reliable seal.

Available in sizes of ½» through 4", the Ti Type-14/15 is suitable for temperatures of up to 250oF, and working pressures of up to 150 psi. Can be pneumatically or electrically actuated.

Ideal Applications Include: 

Corrosive environments, mining, throttling, slurry lines, chemical processing, bleach plants, aquariums, water treatment, landfills, swimming pools, semiconductor manufacturing


Bubble tight sealing even in applications such as slurries or suspended particles, bonnet seals to protect internals from corrosive environments, built-in travel stop to prevent over-tightening or compressive strain on diaphragm, position indicator at top of valve, PVDF gas barrier (protects EPDM backing from gas permeation) standard on all valve with PTFE diaphragm.

• Durable corrosion resistant PPG bonnet
• Solid molded PVDF flanged body
• 3-Layer EPDM/PVDF/PTFE diaphragm
• All titanium body to bonnet fasteners
• Palladium titanium compressor joint and diaphragm insert



1/2" – 6"



Bonnet Material:



Layer EPDM/PVDF/PTFE with Palladium Titanium Insert



Joint (1/2" - 2"):

Palladium Titanium

Compressor Pin (2-1/2” – 6”):

Palladium Titanium

Compressor Insert (2-1/2” – 6”):

Palladium Titanium

Compressor Nut (6”):

Palladium Titanium


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